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FleXement Adhesive is not "super glue"

FleXement is the Most Superior Rubber Adhesive Bonding Agent that facilitates a seamless, permanent bond between the Tire Sticker and your tire.

Mighty Green Tire Cleaner and Degreaser

The only certified-safe tire surface and sidewall prep solution, created by Tire Stickers.

This heavy-duty tire cleaner and degreaser ensures that no particular contaminants such as dirt, oil, grime, dust, grease etc. remain on your tire’s sidewalls to aid the flawless application of our Tire Stickers.


The only certified-safe raised rubber lettering shiner, created by Tire Stickers.

Hydro shine is a new water-based “tire shine” product that can be sprayed onto the Permanent Raised Rubber Tire Stickers without damaging or discoloring the product. Since there is no oil used in the composition of our product, the Hydroshine is specially designed to maintain the elusive “wet tire” look without causing any damage, fading or corrosion to the Tire Stickers.  


The only certified-safe raised rubber lettering cleaner, created by Tire Stickers. The Rubber Bright is formulated to effectively clean any stains, break-dust, debris etc. and restore your Tire Stickers to their former glory. Simply apply the cleaning solution (every few hundred kilometres) onto a rag and voila! Your beautiful Tire Stickers are as good as new.